About Me!

Hello there. My name is Kevin Brown and I am a senior at Wayne State University in their public relations program. Throughout my academic career, environmental issues, education and science have been the core center of my work. I enjoy learning as well as teaching people the value of living on a healthy planet and spreading awareness on how they can get involved.

I’m currently working alongside The Greening of Detroit, a nonprofit organization committed to the revitalization of Detroit’s forestry, training aspiring future environmental workers and promote healthy eating habits. Through my service learning work I’ve written pitch letters, executive bios, news stories and brief memos. I’ve also constructed a social marketing campaign to increase urban gardens in metro Detroit.

It is my hope that this blog will entice readers to take a look at the benefits of having an environmentally sound mind. You can follow me on twitter at @kevinnews2015, on Facebook or feel free to email me at ee0450@wayne.edu. Enjoy!